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Concrete Contractor Services That You Can Use on Your Property

What should you expect from your concrete contractor? Surprisingly, the answer isn’t what you think it is. Most people assume that an excavating contractor will be a highly trained individual who has years of experience in the field and has no problem giving detailed, informative consultations. This is a common mistake.

Answer: Typically, most professional commercial concrete contractors charge only an average of around $75 per hour for their services. Hourly rates for smaller concrete projects typically cost less than $100, while large projects often cost more than $ 250. But, surprisingly, most homeowners generally hire just residential concrete contractors for all levels of new concrete installation projects. Commercial concrete installers are experienced enough, however, to know when a project may need more time (such as having to cut into a thick spot) or might require specialized equipment not available to residential installers. This can lead to an increase in prices.

What you get for your money: The majority of commercial concrete contractor services include a comprehensive package that includes concrete leveling, stamped concrete installation, precast poured concrete, stained concrete, concrete panels, paver integration, and more. However, there are several other “add-on” features you may want to utilize. For instance, some companies offer flatwork, poured concrete edge treatment, and precast concrete edge treatment as additional services. If you have a specific problem, such as needing concrete for a specific floor or width, you may want to see if they can package a complete line of services to meet your needs.

What you get: In addition to comprehensive paving and stamped concrete installation, you should also expect your concrete contractor services company to provide simple landscape design, such as placing flower beds and shrubbery around the perimeter of your commercial facility. This is a particularly helpful service for those needing added landscaping space for employees or for owners of apartments and condos who don’t have the money to do so on their own. Landscaping can be extremely expensive, especially for larger properties, so this can be a great way to add value to your property without having to completely remodel the area. And with landscape design, you can create a beautiful green environment even if you’re just replacing a few pathways and parking lots.

What you get: There are numerous concrete contractor services offered in the US, but there’s no reason why you can’t find exceptional results, as well as quality materials, on your own. You may prefer to use concrete for simple pavements, because it’s easier to control the depth of the material and it’s less susceptible to damage than other options, like asphalt. Or perhaps you have large areas of concrete that you’d like to have paved but are afraid that your paver skills aren’t up to par, because there’s nothing worse than spending hours pouring concrete only to have it crumble into a thin layer of mud at the end.

If you want to avoid the headaches of pouring a concrete driveway, it’s important to work with a qualified installer who can take care of all the details, from the mixing to the actual pouring and sealing. Since different types of concrete mixers require different amounts of cement to be poured, having a professional apply the proper amounts ensures that the driveway is properly reinforced and won’t buckle under the weight of heavy vehicles driving across it. It also allows you to have more time to spend on your yard, enjoying the new flower beds, garden features, and trees that you’ve designed instead of mowing the lawn and keeping the grass plowed. And since concrete is the same thing as concrete, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of your design as well as the durability of your driveway, protecting your home and your wallet from potential cracks and breaks.

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